Action Before A Diagnosis

ABAD; Reduce Preventable Deaths From NCDs

Non Communicable Diseases are also known as NCDs. They account for 73% of Global deaths, but you can take Action Before a Diagnosis —or ABAD! Lowering the modifiable risk factors of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and obesity can prevent 80% of NCD-related premature deaths.

Diet Tech Africa’s ABAD program is inspired by WHO’s “best buys” to reduce the burden of preventable deaths from NCDs in vulnerable populations. This program provides cost-effective, evidence-based, and nutrition-focused interventions to address risk factors that drive NCDs, such as nutrition, diet, physical inactivity, and lifestyle choices.

Action Before a Diagnosis

ABAD is divided into three projects where individuals are empowered with nutrition-focused strategies to stop NCDs before they start! The projects include;

  1. Project WABAD (Women Acting Before a Diagnosis)
  2. Project WAWI (Wellness at Work Initiative)
  3. Project MABAD (Men Acting Before a Diagnosis)

About Project WABAD

Project WABAD (Women Acting Before A Diagnosis) is set to hold in August and September 2022 to mark the Global week of action on NCDs. It is a free webinar series conducted in closed groups for all women, especially those at risk of developing gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and breast cancer.

Who Should Participate?

Women that identify with at least one of the following:

African descent

Older than 18years


High Cholesterol

At risk of NCDS (assessment test for diabetes and cancer)

ABAD and Other Services

Diet Tech Africa offers nutritional intervention programs and services to address health issues. However, ABAD is a program created to reduce risk factors, prevent diseases or delay their onset. The ABAD program does not replace regular services that are found here.

We have organized Project WABAD to mobilize and protect more women against preventable NCDs and death. Click this link to learn more about the event and join the waiting list for the front-row seat.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about healthy cooking, or eating methods that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, click here to Speak with one of our registered dietitians.