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Gift Ideas Your Mum Will Love on Mother’s Day and After

What do you usually go for when picking out a Mothers Day gift? A box of chocolates? A card? Some flowers? These are all nice, but your mum will love gifts that keep giving, even after mother’s day. Keep reading to explore five gifts that promote health and wellbeing for your mum on mother’s day and after.

A healthy lifestyle is essential for long and happy life. By helping your mum, wife, sister, girlfriend, or mum-to-be, maintain that lifestyle; you are not only making her healthier; you are making future Mother’s days much more special.

These are ideas for some excellent health-friendly Mothers Day gifts that are relevant on mother’s day and beyond:


1. Take a walk to enjoy nature’s gift

Take her out for a walk in nature. The benefits of being outside, in nature, and exercising for mental and physical wellness are well-documented. Quality time with loved ones has also been scientifically proven to lessen stress levels, an extra Mothers Day advantage! So go for a walk in your estate or neighbourhood with your mum—it will be good for you too!

2. A month’s supply of healthy snacks

Buy her some healthy snacks and tea (a month’s supply) to keep at work or home. It can be hard to maintain a healthy eating habit when temptation lurks around every corner—and it might be double hard if there are unhealthy snacks within reach. Help your mum by buying her some tasty (but healthy) treats she can eat or drink. Ask our dietitian for recommendations.

3. Fitness Box

Pack a smartwatch, yoga mat, water bottle, and workout clothing box. This is the extra inspiration your mum needs to get up to her feet and start getting active, feeling better, and living healthier.

4. Smart devices

Buy health devices or appliances, for example, a digital Blood Pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor kit, and air-fryer. This improves the way she manages her health and cooks meals.

5. Consultation session with a Dietitian

Book a consultation with a Dietitian. Diet Tech Africa has a special program for women, Women Acting Before a Diagnosis “WABAD™️”, that provides health risk assessment and behavioural strategies for health promotion and disease prevention. Women are disproportionately affected by diseases and taking action early prevents complications.

Mothers are the reason we are all here today. It takes two to make one baby, but the mother is the one who brought you and me forth into life.

No matter how little, please do something for a mum (and future mum) because really, it’s the little things in life that matter the most.

Speak to one of our registered dietitians to find out more about healthy cooking, and eating methods that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!