Healthy Food comes from Healthy Ingredients

25 May 2020 one comment diettech Categories blog, healthy ingredientsTags , , , , , , , , , ,

Adding ingredients to your food is easy. Ingredients are what make up your diet or meals, but the extent to which your food is healthy is solely dependent on how healthy the ingredients are.

Registered Dietitians are experts in nutrition. Their expanse of knowledge includes healthy methods for meal preparations as well as healthy ingredients to make up your favorite dishes. Many times, healthy food is projected as green vegetables on a plate or a glass of green juice. On the contrary, healthy food is not limited to a green color or a glass cup! In fact, it is advised that we eat all colors of the rainbow every day. So, when next you think about eating healthy, think local! Look around your local market and explore options available and add them to the ingredients that make up your meals.

Connect with a Registered Dietitian to help you make better and more informed diet choices by formulating a meal plan or menu tailored to meet your personal needs, leveraging on affordable food choices, available in your locality.