Let your Food be your Medicine

25 May 2020 no comments diettech Categories blog, food medicineTags , , , , , , ,

Recent studies and nutrition research underscores the importance of lifestyle interventions in preventing and managing diseases. In traditional or herbal medicine, the main therapeutic elements are nutrients found in food and plants. Unfortunately, in many cases the quantity of these elements people are made to ingest is not regulated and can have adverse effects on an individual’s health.

Nutritional strategies for the management of diseases have proven to have undeniable efficacy. Lifestyle interventions including maintaining a healthy diet can delay complications as well as disabilities from diseases, especially noncommunicable diseases, and prevent their reoccurrence. One of the key areas where Registered Dietitians are trained in diet therapy using these nutritional strategies. When a Dietitian alters your food or nutrition pattern for health purposes, it is done with strict care and evidence-based approaches.

Medicines, in the form of drugs are often taken as a curative means against diseases, but this quote reminds me of another quote; “prevention is better than cure”. Africans are said to be at risk of several diseases, we need not wait until a diagnosis is made before we wage war against disease conditions. FOOD can be both nutritious and therapeutic. However, just like you should see a professional and get a prescription before taking medicines, it is important to speak to nutrition experts before living by this quote.

Consult a dietitian about how to utilize healthy lifestyle choices and adequate diet to fight NCDs.